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How the College Regulates | Board | Committees




The mandate, or objects and duties of the College of Podiatric Surgeons are to serve and protect the public interest by regulating the profession of podiatric medicine to ensure that BC’s podiatrists deliver a competent and ethical standard of care to their patients.

The role, basic organizational structure and powers of the College are set out by the BC Health Professions Act (HPA), the Podiatrists Regulation and General Regulation under the HPA, and the College Bylaws created under the Act. As with all similar bodies, the College has a governing Board, committees and staff required by the Act to carry out various areas of responsibility and operational duties.

The Board governs or oversees the College.  The Board is comprised of 4 peer-elected podiatrists and 2 members of the public who are appointed by the Minister of Health. 

The College’s committees are comprised of Board members, registrant podiatrists and members of the public. The Board makes all committee appointments. The Chair of the Board and the Registrar are ex-officio members of all committees.

The daily operations of the College are administered by the registrar and other staff.

See the current College Organizational Chart