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The CPodSBC Board

The CPodSBC is governed by a Board consisting of registered podiatrists who are elected by other registrants, and members of the public who are appointed by the Minister of Health.  The Board is governed by the Health Professions Act (HPA), the College Bylaws and the policies of the College.

The Board is responsible for general direction and oversight of the regulatory responsibilities and functions of the College are carried out effectively, in the public interest.   The Board develops the rules relating to the standards of practice and related oversight and enforcement, sets fees to finance the College activities, and appoints and oversees all College committees and staff in accordance with the HPA and CPodSBC bylaws.

The Board’s role and responsibility is to ensure that the College’s mandate under the Health Professions Act (HPA) is carried out.


Current Board Members

The current Board of the College is generally comprised of four elected registrants and two publicly appointed individuals.  Public appointments to the Board are made by the Minister of Health for BC. The Board’s composition may differ for short periods when elected members retire before the end of their term or public appointments end before a successor is appointed.

The current Board members are:

Elected positions:

Dr. Dana Alumbaugh, DPM

Dr. Gavin Chalmers, DPM

Dr. Julie Yee, DPM

Dr. Hiedi Postowski, DPM

Publicly appointed positions:

Mr. Kenneth Stewart, Board Chair

Ms. Natalie Gidora