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Board Minutes



Board Meetings are Business Meetings

The Board of the College meets in person at least 4 times within a calendar year.  Meetings generally take place at the College office.

In between the quarterly meetings, the Board may also confer by teleconference and other electronic means.

Board meetings are for business, involving updates, decisions and direction on various corporate, committee and operational matters.

As part of their governance framework, the Board has adopted a board meeting policy.


Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of Board Meetings are accessible here. Portions may be redacted for reasons set out in the meeting policy or bylaws.


Board Calendar


The Board meeting dates scheduled to date for 2018 were :

–  January 27, 2018

–  April 14, 2018

–  July 28, 2018

–  October 20, 2018

–  November 17, 2018


The Board meeting dates scheduled for 2019 are:

-January 17, 2019

-April 12, 2019

-July 12, 2019

– October 5, 2019