The Inquiry Committee is a statutory Committee appointed by the Board and is responsible for investigating and responding to complaints about podiatrists in BC as appropriate.

The Committee has the authority to investigate, among other things: allegations or evidence of failure to comply with a limit or condition imposed on a registration, professional misconduct, unprofessional conduct, competence to practice podiatry, fitness due to physical, mental, or emotional ailments or substance addictions that impair a registrant’s ability to practice.

Inspectors have investigative powers delineated in the HPAct and are appointed by and take direction from the Committee.

Pending the outcome of the investigation of a serious allegation, the Committee may suspend or place limitations on a registrant’s license to practice.

The current members of the Committee are

– Dr. Gavin Chalmers DPM, Chair

– Dr. Greg Laakmann DPM

– Mr. Ken Stewart, public member of the Board

The Registrar and the Chair of the Board are ex-officio members of all committees.

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