The Quality Assurance Committee is the statutory Committee under the Health Professions Act that is responsible for overseeing the work of the Surgical Practice Standards Committee, recommending standards of practice for podiatry to the Board, developing and administering a quality assurance program for the registrants, recommending continuing medical education courses to the Board, administering clinical skills examinations for applicants for reinstatement, and determining and addressing deficiencies in clinical practice.

Advisors to the QA Committee are appointed by the Committee.

As with all College committees, the QA Committee members are appointed by the Board.  The current appointed members of the Committee are

–  Vacant, Chair

–  Dr. Neil Brown DPM

–  Dr. Francis Chan DPM

–  Dr. Anthony Yung DPM

–  Ms. Natalie Gidora, public member of the Board

–  Mr. Ken Stewart, public member of the Board

–  Mr. Murray Watt, public member

 As well, the Registrar and Chair of the Board are ex-officio members of all committees. 

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