Setting standards for admission

The College protects the public by setting qualifications for admission to the podiatry profession and ensuring that applicants for registration meet the required qualifications to be admitted before they are granted registration.

All registrants of the College have a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree from an accredited university and required post-graduate residency training.  Learn more about registration requirements.


Setting standards for practice

The CPS-BC serves the public interest also by setting, monitoring and enforcing standards of practice.  Our purpose is to ensure that the podiatric profession delivers services that meet the required standard of care, skill, knowledge and conduct in serving their patients.   Learn more about practice standards.


Supporting and monitoring standards of practice

The College administers various quality assurance activities to help ensure that registrants’ knowledge and skill on matters of medical competence and ethical conduct remain current throughout their practice lives.  Learn more about quality assurance.


Receiving and responding to complaints

The CPS-BC also responds to complaints about podiatrists, and takes action to protect the public when the evidence indicates that a registrant is practising incompetently or unethically, or is impaired by alcohol, drugs or a mental illness. Learn more about the College’s complaints and discipline processes.


Dealing with illegal practice

The CPS-BC may also take action to stop non-registrants from engaging in illegal practice.  All practitioners of podiatric medicine in the province must be registrants of the College.  Anyone who purports to offer podiatric services who is not a registrant is likely engaging in illegal practice.  Learn more about unauthorized practice.