Guiding the College, Practitioners and Patients

The practice of podiatric medicine in B.C. is affected by a number of laws, both federal and provincial.

The provincial Health Professions Act (HPA) creates the  College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia as well as a number of other health profession regulators, or colleges for BC.

In doing so, the HPA also creates the regulated profession of podiatric medicine, or podiatry and the other regulated health professions in BC.  The HPA also sets out basic structural and procedural requirements for each college.

Regulations to the HPA describe the scopes of practice and activities that may only be performed, and titles that may only be used, by the health professionals who are regulated thereunder.

Bylaws for each of the regulatory colleges or professions create the details of the structure and procedures within each college, and the prerequisites for registration and admission to the profession.

Additional laws create and circumscribe various rights and obligations of the Colleges, their registrants and patients.