The Foundational Statute

BC’s Health Professions Act (HPA) and the regulations under the HPA create the various health regulatory bodies or colleges that oversee the practice of various health and medical care professions in the province.

The HPA contains important provisions pertaining to among other things:

– Designation of health professions and regulatory colleges under the Act

– The overarching duties and objects of each regulatory college, to regulate in the public interest

– College Board composition, elections and appointments

– Registration and admission to the professions

– Public access to the register of licensed persons

– Injunctions to restrain unauthorized practice and use of titles

– Receiving and investigating of complaints

– Conduct of discipline hearings

– Authority to suspend or limit practice pending the outcome of serious allegations

– Rights to review of registration decisions and complaint investigation outcomes

– College duties of confidentiality

– College duties of public notification

– Duty to report a practitioner with a substance dependence or psychological condition

– Practising through health corporations

– Bylaw creation and amendment

More information about all of the health professions governed by regulatory colleges under the BC Health Professions Act can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Health and the Health Regulators of British Columbia (HRBC).