The College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia is proud to belong to the BC Health Regulators group, representing the governing colleges for all of the health professions under the BC Health Professions Act plus the Social Workers Act.  Together these colleges oversee more than 100,000 health-care professionals.

A collaborative approach to regulation

The BCHR as of February 2014 is incorporated as a non-profit society whose purpose is to build inter-collaboration among the regulators.  We share information and address mutual matters and challenges associated with our regulatory oversight of BC’s health professionals.  See the 2014 news release on the BCHR website.  

The BCHR leads collaboration and partnership amongst health profession regulators for excellence in
public protection and safe, quality care for British Columbians.

… from the BCHR websbite

Public awareness & education

Public education is a common goal of the BCHR.  The first BCHR public awareness campaign was initiated on September 16, 2014 and titled, “Our Purpose, Your Safety”; its purpose was to help educate the public of British Columbia about the role of the health regulators in protecting their interests.  The campaign included transit shelter ads, articles and ads in community papers, and television closed-captioning messages in several languages.  See the patient pamphlet in English. It is available in other languages on the BCHR website.

The most recent public awareness campaign is titled ‘Saying you are one doesn’t make you one’, emphasizing the importance of seeing regulated professionals for your health care.


More on the BCHR

See the BCHR website for more information on the society’s activities and other regulatory members.