Form of Complaint

Complaints are not accepted by telephone, fax or email. Complaints must be made in writing. No particular format is required; a letter with the necessary information will suffice.

If a complainant has a disability: A complainant who for reasons of disability is unable to provide a written or typed, signed, complaint may be accommodated through an interview with a College representative.

What to include:

The College must know what allegedly happened. The complaint must include:

– the full name and signature of the complainant

– the contact information (at a minimum, the mailing address and telephone number) of the complainant

– the full name and practice address of the podiatrist(s) involved

– a description and the date(s) of the alleged incident(s)

Complaining on behalf of another individual:

A complainant who writes on behalf of another individual, other than their minor child, must include the individual’s contact information and consent for the complainant to correspond on their behalf and to receive information about the complaint including the individual’s personal medical information.

In the case of a guardian, it is advisable to provide a copy of documentation of the representation agreement or order behind the guardianship.

Where to write:

Complaint letters must be mailed or delivered to the College at:

College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia

750- 669 Howe Street

Vancouver, B.C.   V6C 0B4

See Complaint FAQs