Receiving a complaint can be a stressful experience. Responding in a cooperative, professional manner will reflect well on a registrant, build trust and help the process flow smoothly. The attitude of a respondent to a complaint and the College can impact the outcome of a matter.

Registrants have rights and duties pertaining to the complaints process under the Health Professions Act.

Registrants have a right to a full, fair, impartial and timely investigation. They must be notified of a complaint about them and have the opportunity to respond to the complaint.

Registrants have a duty to respond and cooperate fully with the College when they receive a complaint.

Registrants at all times have the right to obtain independent legal advice and to have a lawyer represent them in communicating about the complaint to the College.

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Duty to Report

Registrants also have a duty to report another health professional including podiatrists to the appropriate regulatory College in certain situations where they suspect that a practitioner poses a risk to the public or has engaged in sexual misconduct.

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