In accordance with the BC Health Professions Act, the College has, and continues to advance, quality assurance activities including a Quality Assurance Program (QAP).

The purpose of quality assurance in regulation is to foster and maintain excellence in practice, to help ensure that the public are well-served by a competent and ethical standard care in the health care professions.

A quality assurance framework provides a multi-component approach to encouraging the maintenance of practice knowledge and skills throughout a registrant’s practice career. Effective QAPs usually include:

–  standards and guidelines, and related explanatory documents to set benchmarks for the required level of skill and knowledge,

–  a  similar framework for the required standard of ethical behaviour in practice,

– continuing education requirements to maintain competency and currentness of knowledge and skills,

–  monitoring of a registrant’s practice status,

–  assessment including self-assessment and peer assessment of a registrant’s practice, and

–  a mechanism for intervention in a supportive, remedial manner when monitoring or assessment reveals possible practice shortcomings.

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