The government has specified that an acceptable QA program should have an assessment component.  The College’s recently finalized Annual Self Assessment (ASA) is one such tool. This first phase of the ASA focuses on facility standards.

The ASA is now an annual pre-requisite to renewal of registration.  At present the Board intends that the completed assessments must be submitted to the College.  In due course the requirement may be modified to a declaration of completion on the registration renewal form.

Self-assessment has many benefits.  It serves as an alert and reminder to registrants of their professional obligation as health care practitioners to be mindful and responsible in maintaining the currency of their knowledge and skills and their application in practice, to ensure that they meet and even exceed required standards.

It is expected that the ASA process will lead practitioners to self-review, reflection and practice-focused remedial planning; as would be expected of a responsible, proactive and professional practitioner.

See the College’s annual Self Assessment tool for 2019.