General Questions

1.   Does a registrant have to renew their registration ?  If so, how often ?

Yes, every year, before the new calendar year begins. 

2.   What is the process ?

Registrants must file an application to renew in Form 4, pay their annual registration fee, and provide all other required documentation including reports and confirmation of continuing education and other continuing requirements.

3.   How does a registrant obtain the requisite forms and information for renewal ?

The College will send notices and invoices to all registrants by November 1 of each calendar year.  Forms and information will also be available on the College website.

Submission of Application & Supporting Documentation

4.   When are renewal forms, fees and info due ?

 By January 1 of the new calendar/registration year.

5.   Can applications for renewal and payment of the annual fee be submitted electronically ?

No, the College requires all documents in original form and payment by cheque or cash.

Decisions on Renewal

6.   Who decides whether a registrant has met the continuing education and other continuing requirements ?

The Registration Committee.

7.   Who makes the decision about whether a registrant’s registration will be renewed ?

The Registration Committee.

Failure to Comply

8.   What happens if a registrant does not pay the annual registration fee by the date required ?

The Health Professions Act and the College bylaws require the Registrar to cancel the registrant’s registration.  Reinstatement will involve additional documentation and fees.

9.   What happens if a registrant fails to provide information required for renewal of registration, by the date required ?

The Registration Committee after sending reminders may refer the matter to the College complaint process.