To renew the following forms and supporting information are required:

Full Registrant

–  a completed Form 4; registrants have been sent auto-filled forms for the 2019 renewal; alternatively a blank Form 4 may be downloaded here

 CE Report Form, completed

– Supporting CE documents, as set out on the CE requirements info sheet

–  Responses to additional question sheet; see the current question sheet: Qns 2019

–  Proof of malpractice coverage for the registration year (if not already received by the College)

–  Proof of compliance with other semi-regular continuing requirements, when due – see more

– Annual Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), complete


Non-Practising Registrant

–  Form 4, completed (as above)

–  Responses to 2019 questions (as above & only as applicable)

–  CE Form, completed (as above, optional)

–  Supporting CE documents (as above, optional)



To renew registration the following fees are required:

Full Registrant : $3200 for 2019

The fee may be paid in two equal installments of $1600.  Two cheques must be provided for the January deadline; one dated for January 1 and one post-dated for July 1, of the registration year.

The Board may withdraw permission to pay in installments for any registrant who fails to comply with the due dates and requirements set out above.

Non-Practising Registrant : $200



Forms, information and fees are due by December 31 each year.


-For 2020 CME Requirements see these CME relicensing requirements from the Registration Committee