Individuals who wish to practice podiatric medicine in B.C. must first apply for and be granted registration by the College.

Registration is not automatic.  The practice of a profession is a privilege and not a right, and the applicant in every case bears the onus to satisfy the Committee that they meet the registration requirements and ought to be granted that permission.  

Applications are submitted to the Registrar. The Registrar collects the documents and fees required and arranges and oversees the Bylaw and Ethics exam. The Registrar will follow up with the applicant with respect to any documentation that is needed or any issues that arise.

Decisions on registration are made by the Registration Committee. When the application is complete the file will be forwarded to the Registration Committee who may have further questions for the applicant.

When the required documentation and information is in order to the satisfaction of the Registration Committee, applicants can expect to be registered within one week. 

Applicants are notified of their registration as soon as practicable – usually the same day – by letter accompanied by the Certificate of Registration and information for new registrants.  Their registration will also be announced in the College’s newsletter publication.


Classes of registration               Required Forms & Info

Application Fees                          Registration Checklist