The CPS-BC requires two types of criminal record checks from applicants.

1. A check under the BC Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA). This is not a thorough review, but is required by the government for the purpose of protecting children and vulnerable adults from sexual and other abuse. The College and applicants and registrants must comply with that requirement. See more.

2. A ‘general’ criminal record check from every jurisdiction in which the applicant has resided (except as a child), worked or been registered to practice in any regulated profession. This must be a thorough report on all charges and convictions.  See more.

Note that criminal records checks can be a rate-limiting factor in the application process; applicants should apply to the appropriate authorities for criminal history reports early in the application process.


What if you have a criminal record ?

The fact that an applicant has a criminal record is not an automatic bar to registration.

The Registration Committee may wish to ask an applicant for further information pertaining to the circumstances surrounding any history of charges or convictions.

In every case, the Committee must consider carefully whether the history is relevant to the question of whether – taking into account all of the circumstances including the nature and gravity of the offence or alleged offence, its relevance to the practice of the podiatric medicine and registration as a professional, and the acceptance of responsibility and self-remediation by the applicant – the information indicates that the applicant is unfit for registration.

The Committee must be satisfied based on a fair process and all of the evidence, that an applicant will likely show the conduct and character expected of a registrant of the College.


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