Applicants for registration with the College must provide a criminal record check from every jurisdiction in which they have resided (except as a child), worked or been registered to practice a profession.

Unlike the check required under the Criminal Records Review Act, the general check is a one-time requirement, except when a non-practising or former registrant is seeking reinstatement.

An exception to the requirement may be allowed in cases where the applicant for compelling reasons is not able to satisfy the requirement, where it is not practicable to obtain a report. That decision would be a matter for the Registration Committee.

A thorough check will include charges and convictions, and all levels of authority (eg local, state/provincial and federal).  In many countries such as the U.S. and Canada, a federal level check captures all necessary information; in such cases applicants need only provide the one report.

Most applicants will have resided and been educated in the United States and thus will require an FBI check for the U.S.  As mentioned above, state and local level checks are not required.

Criminal record checks are required from every jurisdiction in which an applicant has resided, worked or been registered to practice a profession.

As criminal record checks are often a rate-limiting element of the application process, applicants are urged to contact relevant agencies early in their own process.

Criminal record checks must be current and in any case dated no less than one year prior to the date on which the application file is forwarded to the Registration Committee.

Applicants have the responsibility and onus to take the steps required to obtain the necessary criminal record checks. For some foreign jurisdictions, local consulates may provide assistance.