The Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) requires that all applicants and registrants of the College have a criminal record check under the CRRA, as part of the application to be registered, and before they can be registered by the College.

After registration all registrants must have a new check carried out under the CRRAct every five years.


The CRRA Process

The College has enrolled in the CRRP’s ‘Applicant-based online process’, or ‘eCRC online service’.  We require all applicants and registrants to use this method to apply for a CRRA criminal record check.

An applicant must:

1)      Log on the CRRP website at

2)      Use an access code that will be provided by the College on request.

 Please also note the following important information:

1)      The College as a professional regulatory body is a ‘Schedule B’ organization.

2)      Applicants and registrants must have the children and vulnerable adults check.

3)      The fee is $28 and you must pay by credit card.  (This fee might change without the College’s knowledge).

NOTE:  All podiatric practice employees who work with children and vulnerable adults must under a check under the CRRA. Employers must deal with the Criminal Records Review Branch directly with respect to obtaining an employer identity and the process for employee record checks.

Additional information is available on the Criminal Records Review Branch and program website.