Application Time

1.   How long does an applicant have to complete an application for registration ?

One year.

2.   How long does the application process take ?

That depends mostly on the time it takes for the applicant to complete the application file; i.e., provide all necessary documentation and requirements.

3.   Once the application file is complete, how long is the wait to be registered ?

Once the file is complete it will be sent to the Registration Committee within a few days, who usually decide within one week.  Once the registrar is informed of the RC’s decision, the applicant will be notified usually within 2 days by email which is followed by an official letter and certificate.

Submission of Application & Supporting Documentation

4.   Where is an application submitted ?

 Applications must be delivered to the Registrar at the College address.

5.   Can applications be submitted electronically ?

No, the College requires all documents in original or notarized form.

Decisions on Registration

6.   Who makes the decision about whether an applicant will be registered ?

The Registration Committee.

Complaint & Discipline History

7.   How current do licensing and discipline reports have to be ?

Licensing and discipline reports must be dated within 60 days of the date of their provision to the College.

8.   Are licensing and discipline reports the same thing as ‘letters of good standing’ ?


Criminal Record Check Matters

9.   How current does a criminal record check have to be ?

A criminal record check must be very current; it must be requested and provided within or very close to the period of application.

10.  Where can I get more information about criminal record check requirements ?

See the FAQs under Criminal Record Checks.

Language Proficiency

11.  Is there an English or French language proficiency requirement ?

No, the College does not have a language proficiency requirement.

Application Fees

12.  Must all necessary fees be paid before registration can be granted ?


13.  For applicants who apply late in the calendar year, are any fees related to registration prorated ?

Yes, the initial annual registration fee is prorated to the quarter year, based on the date of registration.

Tests of Occupational Competency

14.  Does the College have or administer its own test of occupational competency as a registration requirement ?

No, for the majority of applicants.  Generally, the College requires and relies on a passing mark on the exams administered by the U.S.-based National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners.

There may be exceptions to this; the College may require and administer a test of occupational competency for an applicant who:

–  seeks to demonstrate equivalency to the academic and National Board exam requirements;

–  has a complaint history that raises a competency question; or

–  seeks reinstatement from Non-Practising or Cancelled status.

The scope, nature and content of any such examination would be determined by the Registration Committee.

Temporary Registration

15.  For a registrant in the Temporary class, what is the duration of the registration.

90 days; registration will expire on the date that falls 90 days after the date of registration.

16.  Can registration in the Temporary Class be renewed ?

Yes, one time, for another 90 days.

College Role in Obtaining Documents

17.  Does the College order any necessary documents ?

No; it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary documentation is provided to the College.