Requirements to change a Registrant’s name in the CPodSBC Records

Upon registration with the College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia (CPodSBC), the registrant’s full name will be recorded in the College register and the online directory. 

Thereafter, the registrant will be known in the CPodSBC records including the register and on-line directory, and correspondence, by their registered surname.

Following registration, the CPodSBC will provide notification of the registrant’s name to the other College registrants, the Medical Services Commission (MSC) and BC Pharmanet.

If a registrant wishes to change their surname in the CPodSBC register and the online directory, the College requires the registrant to provide either:

1.  A marriage certificate AND one (1) piece of government issued photographic identification (e.g drivers license, passport) that bears the new surname, OR

2.  Two (2) pieces of government-issued photographic identification that bear the new surname.

Registrants may submit notarized rather than original copies of the original documents.

Once the change is effected by the CPodSBC, thereafter the registrant will be known in College records and correspondence by the new registered surname.

College registrants, Pharmanet and the MSC will be notified accordingly of the change.

A revised annual certificate of registration will be provided to the registrant.