Requirements to change a Registrant’s name in the CPS-BC Records

Upon registration with the College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia (CPS-BC), the registrant’s full name will be recorded in the CPS-BC register and the online directory. 

Thereafter, the registrant will be known in the CPS-BC records and correspondence by their registered surname.

Following registration, the CPS-BC will provide notification of the registrant’s name to other Canadian podiatric regulatory bodies, the Medical Services Commission (MSC), BC Pharmanet, podiatric suppliers or distributors, Health Canada, etc.

If a registrant wishes to change their surname in the CPS-BC register and the online directory, the CPS-BC requires the registrant to provide either:

1.  A marriage certificate AND one (1) piece of government issued photographic identification (e.g drivers license, passport) that bears the new surname, OR

2.  Two (2) pieces of government-issued photographic identification that bear the new surname.

Registrants may submit notarized rather than original copies of the original documents.

Once the change is effected by the CPS-BC, thereafter the registrant will be known in the College records and correspondence by the new registered surname.

The registrants of the CPS-BC, Pharmanet and the MSC will be notified accordingly of the change.

A revised annual certificate of registration will be provided to the registrant.