Many practitioners wish to use a name for their practice other than their own name or their Corporate name.   These appellations are commonly referred to as ‘Doing Business As’ (‘DBA’), ‘Trade’, or ‘Marketing’ names.

The CPodSBC bylaws require that registrants must advise the College of such names.

In addition, registrants must not use a name which so closely resembles another registrant’s trade name that it is likely to cause confusion.

The College maintains a list of the trade names that have been reported and will refer to that when registrants alert us to their potential name.

However the College cannot guarantee that the name is unique and that no similar name exists among various providers of foot care – related services.

The best way to protect a trade name is to have it reserved by the provincial corporate registry; the registry will generally contact the College to obtain permission for the registrant to use the proposed name, just as they do for a podiatric corporation name.

Please note also that the bylaw provisions regarding marketing content apply to trade names.