BC Health Care Providers – ‘Saying you are one doesn’t make you one’

September 21, 2015 – The BC Health Regulators launched a TV public awareness campaign called “Saying you are one doesn’t make you one.”

These public service announcements emphasize that patients are at risk when they receive health care services from unlicensed individuals.

What the public can do

Individuals must be registered and licensed by the CPodSBC before they are permitted to practice podiatric medicine in BC.

The public has a right to know who is a registered and regulated professional, and who is not.

To determine if a person is legally entitled to practice podiatric medicine, or if you have a question about an individual’s offer of podiatric care, or the use of a ‘pod’ designation, you may contact the College by phone, post or email to confirm registration and license status and obtain information about what is permitted within the scope of podiatric care.

These are common inquiries and callers do not have to identify themselves.

To confirm registration and active license status, you may also consult the CPodSBC searchable directory on our home page which is accessible on this site.

Patients should also always feel free to ask any purveyor of health services directly if they are registered and hold a current, active license to practise under the BC Health Professions Act.

The College also requires that every practising podiatrist post their annual certificate of registration in a conspicuous place within their clinic. The certificate should be clearly visible in any licensed podiatrist’s office.